School Uniform

Uniform Requirement

Here at North West Christian School we strongly support the wearing of the correct school uniform. Students are required to wear their school uniform on all occasions unless special instructions have been given by the school. Students should note that uniforms worn with pride reflect well on themselves, their family and the school. Below is a list of our winter school uniforms available through our uniform shop (except for shoes and socks), and many items have our logo embroidered on them. When families choose to become part of our school community it is expected that they will accept the school’s uniform expectations.

Wearing the uniform is important because...

  • It makes a statement that our North West Christian School community cares about standards and that we are a school in which “near enough” is not good enough.
  • It encourages identification with our school and the development of school spirit. 
  • It reinforces the concept of team and community – of students, staff and parents working together for the benefit of all and it removes distractions and competition about clothes, which can be stressful to students. 
  • It provides an economical means of clothing students during school years.
  • It reflects the reality of the workplace, where business and industry expects that corporate uniforms will be worn neatly and with pride. 
  • It covers basic health and safety requirements for schools as workplaces  It provides easy identification on excursions and outings, enhancing the safety of students.

Purchasing Uniform

All uniform can be purchased from our preferred provider, Maveric Workwear in Ulverstone. Please refer to our uniform guide for more information.


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