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Because we believe in an eternal personal God who is the source of all life, truth and Christian values, students will be encouraged to:

  • Recognise God as the source of guidance and direction through life
  • Search for knowledge and truth through the ways God has chosen to communicate to man
  • Evaluate knowledge, concepts, ideas and standards based on God’s word

Because we believe this world will be eventually restored to its original harmony and perfection, students will be encouraged from their earliest school years to:

  • Recognise the close relationship between body, mind and spirit
  • Develop a healthy self-concept founded on the love and acceptance of God, incorporating a Biblically based value system
  • Accept that the redemptive work of Jesus Christ gives all men infinite worth and is, therefore, the basis of healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Develop skills and abilities to their ultimate extent and search for knowledge and understanding in the basic branches of learning
  • Understand the body, its function, its needs and its care
  • Nurture the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and foster the desire to choose what is right
  • Establish a healthy balance between work and play

Because we believe that man’s appreciation of beauty and his creativity are God given, yet spoiled by sin, students will be encouraged to:

  • Appreciate beauty as a reflection of God in the world
  • Improve the capacity to enjoy and create works of artistic value
  • Appreciate that creative ability is a gift from God
  • Understand that human creativity exists to glorify God and bring peace to fellow man

Because we believe God’s laws outline standards of ethical behaviour based on His character of love, students will be encouraged to:

  • Respect people of other religious and philosophical persuasions
  • Engage in responsible citizenship as both a moral obligation and patriotic duty
  • Demonstrate qualities such as kindness, empathy, courtesy, patience, humility, tolerance, generosity and helpfulness
  • Recognise fair play and exhibit a positive attitude towards justice
  • Engage in acts of service to mankind to ease human suffering and frustration
  • Prepare for the responsibility of leadership in the home, school, church, community and nation

Because of our philosophy, general aim and objectives, we as Christian teachers will endeavour to:

  • Show a genuine interest and concern for each individual
  • Seek to encourage that character development which will result in good citizenship in this school and the community
  • Prepare the individual child in such a way that he/she will want to make a decision to follow Christ
  • Realise the potential of each child and develop the talents of each
  • Combine firmness and patience with Christian love when administering discipline
  • Attend church services regularly and take an active part in church work as an example as well as recognising our own spiritual needs

By precept and example, teachers will lead the children toward:

  • An attitude of courtesy and thoughtfulness for others
  • Respect for themselves, their bodies, their associates and for God
  • Following good health principles, which lead to a strong, healthy body
  • Sharing an attitude of care and responsibility towards property whether it belongs to the school, themselves or others
  • Showing humble awareness, recognition and generous appreciation of the achievements and courtesies of others
  • Identifying and responding to the needs of others
  • Cultivating and displaying initiative and self-control in all areas of school and social life
  • Development in habits of tidiness and order of dress, personal appearance, care of property and the environment
  • Self reliance and the ability to handle problems constructively
  • A recognition of the spiritual principles taught in each lesson; seeking constantly to be in touch with God; developing an awareness of the plan that God has for their lives; a daily surrender to His will

As Christians in a Seventh-day Adventist school, teachers and pupils aim to:

  • Develop attitudes of courtesy and thoughtfulness toward all members of the community
  • Engage in outreach programs in the community
  • Participate in projects that benefit the community
  • Develop an awareness and loving concern for all people
  • Actively participate in Christian worship

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