Fees and Financial Assistance

At North West Christian School our fees have no hidden extras. On average, you will pay between $1750 and $4100 per Year.  Family discounts are available for those that have more than one child attending the school.  We also offer financial assistances programs if eligible to help with the fees.

Scholarships and Sponsorship

This is done through an application and interview process. There are limited numbers for each sponsorship and scholarship. These financial assistant schemes cover part or full-tuition fees.  To find out more, contact the school and make an appointment with our school principal.

What Do My Fees Include?

Your tuition fees cover the following:

  • Tuition

  • Excursions

  • Laptops/Technology

  • Yearbook

  • Off Campus Activities

  • Books (Primary only)

What Are My Additional Costs?

  • Uniforms

  • Bus

  • Books (High School only)

  • School Photos

What’s included in the Fees:

Levies will be included in the tuition fee figure.  That is:  Workbooks/Book hire, photocopying, craft, student insurance. 

Annual Tuition Fee


Prep - Year 2

Year 3 - Year 6

Year 7 - Year 10

Year 11 / 12

Current Fee Schedule to be charged in 2024

(per term $437.50)

(per term $662.50)

(per term $787.50)

(per term $975.00)

(per term $1,025.00)

Bus Fees      







School Photos, Uniforms, and Bus Service.

Annual Prompt Payment Discount:

A Prompt payment discount of 7.5% is available if the annual tuition free is paid in full by 28 February.

Term Prompt Payment Discount:

A Prompt payment discount of 5% is available if the Terms tuition fee is paid in full by the FIRST TWO WEEKS of the Term commencement.

Fee Remissions or Student Assistance:

To be eligible for fee assistance your combined gross family income needs to be below $51,800. If eligible for fee assistance, an amount of up to 25% off the tuition fee, less any applicable family discount will be applied. Please contact the office for
the relevant paper work to apply for the student assistance.

Family Discounts:

1st Student

Full Fee

2nd Student


3rd Student


4th Student +



Application forms are available from the school office.

Billing and Payment Methods:

The tuition fee is billed once per school term.  Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments can be arranged by Direct Debit or Centrepay so as to clear the account by the end of November each year.


  • If you are having difficulties with paying your fees, please contact us to negotiate a new payment plan.

  • If the Principal has not been contacted, then a letter will be sent out reminding you about the need to contact us to discuss payment options.

  • Further letters and phone calls will be sent as reminders, before any account may be delivered to the Debt Collectors.

  • It is important to help us with our budget to know when fees will be coming in and it is important for you not to get behind with your fees because it can become very difficult to catch up. Remember: contact us first if you are having difficulties with paying your fees.

Fee Schedule


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