Valued-based education since 1975

North West Christian School has been providing quality Christian education to the north west community since 1975. It is situated with panoramic views of Bass Strait, the township of Penguin and rural views back to the Dial Range.

The school cultivates and encourages an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for others including peers, parents and teachers. There is recognition of differences and affirmation of individual skills, abilities and positive personal attributes. Students are encouraged to do their best at all times and to participate in community and charity projects.

The future holds many challenges and opportunities. With more parents concerned about our uncertain future, they are looking for an education for their children that will equip them mentally, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually to deal positively with the challenges ahead. North West Christian School offers parents the values–based education they are looking for.

Our Values & Philosophy

From the Acting Principal

At NWCS the theme of Nurture, Learning and Character run through our whole program. Our goal is to nurture students as they grow through those impressionable years. We educate the whole person so that they can make a positive contribution to the broader community and finally they can develop a character that will carry them through their future life and into Eternity.

Education is not just book knowledge. Education is the equipping of a person with skills that will benefit them, and others, in adulthood. Education is the development of a Character that has solid values as its base, this will give them a grounding that can weather the storms that may come their way.  That’s what we want for our students.

Meet Our Principal


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