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Candlelight Series



This Bundle includes ALL the Nova Muse Festival Evening Festival Concerts, AND Candelight Series Concerts! 

Four nights, 8 concerts, OCT 9-12, at 5.30pm & 8:30pm.

The Evening Festival Concerts will take place at the Mount Gnomon Farm, 886 Ironcliffe Rd, Penguin, Tasmania

Sunday 5:30pm, October 9 - Evening Festival Concert Program 1

Brahms             Piano Trio no.1 in B                  37’                    
artists: Susan Collins, György Deri, Alex Raineri
Bruch                Double Concerto                      19’                    
artists: Susan Collins, Patricia Pollett, + 4tet, Michele Walsh, Sarah Scheermeijer, György Deri, Alex Raineri

Sunday, 8.30pm, October 9 - Candlelight Series Concert 1

JS Bach                Sonata No. 1 in G major BWV1027 for Viola (originally Gamba) and Harpsichord
artists: Patricia Pollett & Alex Ranieri

Monday 5:30pm October 10 -Evening Festival Concert Program 2

Haydn             Duo                                           10’                  
artists: Susan Collins & György Deri
Beethoven      Sonata No 2, Op 5 in G minor   25’                  
artists: György Deri & Alex Ranieri 
Schumann      Piano Quintet in E flat               30‘                 
artists: Michele Walsh, Sarah Scheermeijer, Patricia Pollett, György Deri, Alex Raineri    

Monday, 8.30pm, October 10 - Candlelight Series Concert 2

J.S. Bach                Solo Violin Partita No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006
artist: Susan Collins

Tuesday 5:30pm October 11 - Evening Festival Concert Program 3

Brahms             Sonata No.1 in F min            20’                  
artists: Patricia Pollett & Alex Raineri 
Stevenson         MONAlogues                       15’                   
Susan Collins, Sarah Scheermeijer, Patricia Pollett, György Deri
Brahms              Sonata, A major, op. 2         20’                   
Susan Collins & Aelx Raineri 

Tuesday, 8.30pm , October 11- Candlelight Series 3
J.S. Bach         Sonata for cello (originally for Viola da Gamba) & Harpsichord BWV 1029 in G minor                                                  
artists: György Deri & Alex Raineri 

Wednesday 5:30pm October 12 - Evening Festival Concert Program 4
Dvorak       Echo of Songs (Cypresses)        40’                    
artists: Michele Walsh, Sarah Scheermeijer, Patricia Pollett, György Deri
Parry                   Lady Radnor’s Suite          15‘                    
artists: Susan Collins, Michele Walsh, Patricia Pollett, György Deri

Wednesday, 8.30pm , October 12 - Candlelight Series 4
J.S. Bach                         Selection of Two & Three Part Inventions      
artists: Michele Walsh, Patricia Pollett, Susan Collins, György Deri, Sarah Scheermeijer & Alex Raineri

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