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North West Christian School is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and students are encouraged to be involved in various spiritual activities during a typical day. NWCS has a strong emphasis on Pastoral Care and our team is dedicated to supporting and fostering positive relationships with the members of our community. 

North West Christian School believes that its spiritual emphasis provides students with opportunities to know more about God, their fellow man and themselves. The spiritual component is an important part of our school program and all students are expected to co-operate and support it.

Chaplaincy Services

We attend to the wellbeing of your child through activities and programs that promote personal growth and support the family unit.

Bible Class

Term 3's Bible Class is a step by step understanding of who Jesus is and what the Bible says about God's big plans for us. 

Bible Study classes is every Thursday after chapel and will begin on 19th of August.

Primary will look at a 14 part series called: Kidzone.

Middle school will do a 10 part series looking at the overall plan for our salvation.

High School will do a 24 part series called: Try Jesus.

Please complete the form for your child to attend a Bible Class.

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Each day begins with students in class-group meetings for roll call, announcements, worship and prayer. Teachers then lead students through a Bible subject that presents Christian values and beliefs.


Once a week there is an assembly period for all students in the Primary, Middle and Secondary areas. During this time chaplains, special speakers, teachers and students share their ideas on Christianity and Christian living as found and based in the Bible.


Fundamental to NWCS' teaching is that service to others really matters and that students grow in character, leadership and ability through experience.


Our part-time chaplain is also on hand to assist students with personal issues and everyday challenges. Optional Bible Studies are offered to those students who wish to extend their walk with God.


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