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Over the last few years NWCS has offered the senior classes the opportunity to participate in Design and Technology programs in our well equipped workshop and classrooms. The program builds on concepts, skills and processes developed in earlier years, and teachers will revisit, strengthen and extend these as needed.

Why Design and Technologies?

The purpose of education in an Adventist Christian school is to restore the image of God to the heart of man. Technologies are morally neutral until we apply them. During DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGIES classes, students are encouraged to allow God in their hearts. The result is selflessness, prudent-management and the discerning use of techniques and design to communicate God’s character, and service to benefit humanity.

The creative medium of the various fields of DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGIES allows students to more easily fulfil God’s intended purpose for them. As students create and use their physical and mental faculties to analyse and solve problems, they can learn and sympathise with others. Through their labours students may find many opportunities to receive object lessons and be guided to learn from the Master Teacher Himself. God uses difficulties to train His children (Romans 5:3- 5). The journey of the student through DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGIESdisciplines inherently causes them to face difficulties, to persevere and gain experience. This Christ-like character fits students to look forward in hope to the restoration of things to a good state again. 


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