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Wayne Pepper has a wealth of experience in teaching throughout his 39 years of teaching. This journey has covered most aspects of secondary teaching, as well as primary, from a classroom teacher to school principal. He has completed six degrees with his thesis based on Tasmanian orphan children from 1803 till 1879. 

Wayne has two children, who both are teachers and an amazing wife Sandra.

High School English / Humanities Master, Diploma of Education (Secondary Specialization - Humanities) B.A.,(History, Economics) B.Ed.,(Asian Studies / Religious Studies) B.Ed., (History) M.Ed., (U.N.E.) Graduate Diploma in Design and Technology.

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

Because I wanted to change the world of my students.

Who inspires you and why?

Jesus Christ who provides a totality and wealth of experiences, knowledge and eternal life.

What is the most rewarding thing about your role?

My students. 

What are you looking forward to?

Every child achieving the very best they can. 

When you’re not teaching, what do you do in your downtime? Do you have interests or hobbies?

I research more about what I am teaching. 

What book are you reading, or what would we find on your podcast list? What do you love to learn about?

I read the Bible every year. It teaches me new lessons every time I read it. 


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