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Monday 5:30pm OCT 10 -Evening Festival Concert Program 2

Evening Festival Concert



Monday 5:30pm OCT 10 -Evening Festival Concert Program 2

Haydn             Duo                                           10’                  

artists: Susan Collins & György Deri

Beethoven      Sonata No 2, Op 5 in G minor   25’                  

artists: György Deri & Alex Ranieri 

Schumann      Piano Quintet in E flat               30‘                 

artists: Michele Walsh, Sarah Scheermeijer, Patricia Pollett, György Deri, Alex Raineri    

The Evening Festival Concerts offer a special series of great chamber works selected by Sue and the esteemed festival mentors. This program is curated for the shared enjoyment of performers and audience members. Come, meet the artists, and allow us to take you on a journey to some of our favourite musical destinations.

The Evening Festival Concerts will take place at the Performing Arts Centre at NWCS (18 Ling Street, Penguin).

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