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High School at NWCS is from Years 9-12 and is a place of opportunity and challenge.The High School years cover a very significant part of a student’s growing up. Friendships and networks are developed which are a platform for personal and academic development. Our High School staff are committed to producing graduates who are resilient and ready to enter tertiary education or the workforce. At NWCS we believe in equipping our students for life.

At NWCS we work with the students as they progress from year 10 through their TASC years (Year 11 and 12). These years offer the students exciting challenges, academic growth and personal development of their characters. This happens in a nurturing and supportive environment. Our aim at NWCS is to extend our students learning and help them find their God-given potential and achieve to the best of their abilities.

These are their independent years of learning, where students take ownership of their study and workload, which can include TASC subjects, VET courses, traineeships and community partnerships. Each student in collaboration with senior


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