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Chaplaincy Services

We attend to the wellbeing of your child through activities and programs that promote personal growth and support the family unit.

Pastor David Leo

I was born in Auckland NZ to parents that emigrated from Western Samoa. When I was 17 we moved to Brisbane, Australia and I have been Australian ever since. However, I am still loyal to the All Blacks. Although I was 9 months old when my parents were baptised into the SDA church, I did not accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour until I was 21. I wish I had made this decision earlier, but the desire to become an All Black among many other things held me back from dedicating my life to him. I am now trying to make up for lost time and my family too are dedicated to the ministry of the incredible three angel’s message. 

My wife Sokha and I have been married for 14 years, and we have three children. We have complained and prayed in times of difficulty and have celebrated when God has rescued us. And we cannot deny how great God's faithfulness is. We enjoy hanging out with people while eating a meal, music, the outdoors and we will learn to enjoy the cold. We are anxious and excited to work in Tasmania and look forward to how God will bless you and our family with our time together. 

Leo is now serving as pastor for the churches in Devonport and Deloraine.